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Dear Prospective Vendor:

The City of Warren Purchasing Division is pleased to announce that we utilize a regional system, to notify vendors of bid and quote opportunities. This system is called the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network (MITN).   MITN is used for registration of vendors and for the posting of bids, quotes, requests for proposals, requests for information, addenda, and awards including tabulations.

Vendors with Internet access should review the registration options at The number of  the BidNet(r) support group is (800) 677-1997 extension # 214. They will be happy to register you over the telephone.


The MITN bid notification system is used by over Twenty (20) Purchasing Departments:       

Please see the MITN Web site for a list.
The system provides the following benefits:

• 24-hour access to business opportunities
• Automatic notification based upon your designated product or service
• Timely mechanism for obtaining documents
• Vendor managed registration system
• More efficient bid notification and distribution from the participating communities

The service is available at no cost but requires you to check the site for bids on a regular basis. We strongly encourage all companies to take advantage of the option to receive automatic notification of solicitations.  There is a cost of $49.95 per year or three years for $99.95. As this new system provides many benefits to your company, be sure to read and decide which registration option is best for your business. We look forward to providing you with increased business opportunities, increased, and a simplified and more reliable bidding and quoting process for everyone involved. We appreciate your cooperation and welcome your participation.

If you have any questions regarding this new system or registration, please contact the purchasing department at (586) 574-4636.


Purchasing Department
City of Warren

Types of Solicitations


The City of Warren uses various types of solicitations in the procurement of goods and services.

Invitation to Bid
An Invitation to Bid (ITB) is sent to interested bidders for procurement of goods or services which can be readily defined and which bidders can be expected to easily identify and provide comparable pricing offers on. An ITB generally contains detailed specifications which have been designed in a straight-forward manner through a statement of requirements for the good or service, and requests a price quotation for the requested goods or services. Often there are many services. Often there are many vendors who possess the capability to satisfy the stated requirements and provide goods or services that meet the ITB's specifications.

Request for Proposal
A Request for Proposal (RFP) is similar to an ITB in that the cover document transmitting the RFP to potential bidders is the same document as that transmitting a standard ITB. The RFP differs from a standard ITB in that it typically does not detail exactly the good or service required by the requesting state agency, but instead identifies a particular problem or goal which the agency wishes to solve or obtain. The problem or goal is contained in. The problem or goal is contained in a section of the RFP called the Work Statement. The Work Statement is authored by the requesting department and is one of at least four distinct Sections which make up the RFP. The others are: Contractual Terms and Conditions, Bidding Information, and Information Required from Bidders. Additional sections may include samples, blueprints, exhibits, etc.

Bidders responding to RFPs are expected to study the problem/goal stated in the Work Statement and provide their one best solution for that problem/goal. The response which these bidders submit for this purpose is referred to as their Technical Proposal. The bidder's proposal must provide a description of the specific manner in which the bidder intends to solve the problem or attain the goal stated by the requesting agency in the Work Statement. Bidders must support their proposal by describing in their Technical Proposals their relevant experience and capabilities vis-à-vis the problem/goal. Their descriptions must include not only the capabilities and qualifications of their firm, but also of the personnel that they intend to assign to the project if awarded a contract. These Technical Proposals are typically evaluated by an ad hoc committee of city personnel chosen to serve on a Joint Evaluation Committee (JEC). All JEC's will have a representative from City Council and the Purchasing Office.  In addition to these two principals, they usually have a representative from the requesting department and may have a technical representative with expertise in the subject matter.

Bidders responding to an RFP are also required to submit a separately sealed Price Proposal at the same time the Technical Proposal is submitted. Typically, however, these Price Proposals are not opened and evaluated until after the Technical Proposals have been evaluated by the JEC. The RFP process is generally more involved than the straight-forward procurement of goods and services using the standard ITB process.

Request for Information
A Request for Information (RFI) is used to solicit information only prior to the preparation of specifications for an unusually complex purchase of goods or services in which recent relevant information is not available to the requesting agency responsible for the specifications. An RFI is transmitted under cover of the letterhead of the Office of Purchasing.

Telephone Bids
The Office of Purchasing may request telephone bids because of rapidly fluctuating market prices, emergency conditions, or to expedite the bid process. Telephone bids are only acceptable at the request of the Office of Purchasing and must be confirmed in writing.

Facsimile Bids
The Office of Purchasing may request bids to be submitted by facsimile machine. Under special circumstances to handle unique situations, or for those purchases made under the Quick Purchase Program, a buyer may request facsimile bids which must be followed up by submission of the original documentation, if requested.

Purchasing Department


Craig Treppa
Purchasing Agent
(586) 574-4636
Suite 425
One City Square
Warren, MI 48093-5289

General Information / Receptionist
Phone: (586) 574-4639
Fax: (586) 574-4614

Encumbrance & Invoice Auditing  Vendor Names A-L
Shanah Turner
(586) 574-4638

Encumbrance & Invoice Auditing Vendor Names M-Z & Clothing Allowance
Michelle Patterson
(586) 574-4637

Under Sec. 2-333 of the Warren Code, the City of Warren, Michigan requires "Departments, divisions, offices and agencies to procure all equipment, material, supplies and services through the purchasing division of the Office of the Controller. The Office of Purchasing is not responsible for school districts within the City of Warren.

The primary objective of the Office of Purchasing is to procure goods and services for the City Departments and Divisions, for which it acts as an agent, through the use of sound, prudent, and consistent purchasing practices. Political and arbitrary considerations do not affect awards. The Office of Purchasing makes decisions in the City's, and therefore its citizens', best interests.
All qualified vendors, whether individuals, small businesses, or large corporations, are invited to compete for the city's business.

In order to best serve the interests of city government and the business community, the Office of Purchasing utilizes, to the maximum extent possible, contracts of one or more year's duration where it makes economic sense to do so. Therefore, goods or services which lend themselves to contracts will be solicited far more infrequently than those with usage that does not warrant a contract.

City of Warren, Michigan

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