City of Warren, MI

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics at the Warren Community Center


● TLC Aqua Class
Monday - Friday 10 - 11 am
● Hydro Training
Monday - Saturday 9 - 10 am
Monday - Thursday 6 - 7 pm
● TLC Fitness Chair Class (land exercise)
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:15 am-noon

● TLC Aqua Class - Tender Loving Care (TLC) Aqua Class is designed to be easier on the joints, focusing less on cardio and more on mobility, flexibility, balance and core strength. This is ideal for those with joint replacement, MS or arthritis. Noodles and kickboards will be used. Ability to swim is not required.
● Hydro Training - Designed for all levels. It is a great way to relieve stress, while working on increased muscular and cardiovascular strength.
● TLC Fitness Chair Class - Tender Loving Care (TLC) Chair Class is a unique class designed with a slower tempo where members work at their own ability level. Focus is on balance, mobility, flexibility and core strength. This class is perfect for those needing special considerations, such as joint replacement or arthritis. Ball, hand weights and cable provided or you may bring your own. Make a friend while you get limber! Social interaction encouraged.


City of Warren, Michigan

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