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Council of Commissions


The Council of Commissions consists of one member from each city commission interested in participating. The representative is appointed annually to the Council of Commissions by each individual commission. The Council of Commissions is required to meet at least four times each year, and shall designate the time and place thereof.


The purpose and function of the Council of Commissions is to unite the city commissions into a representative council with the concept of sharing ideas, concerns, plans for improvement, and enrichment of the community. By promoting and encouraging public interest in its endeavors, the Council intends to strengthen the purpose and function of the individual city commissions.

2017 Meeting Calendar

The powers and duties of the Council of Commissions shall be as follows:


  • To act as an advisory commission to the Mayor, City Council, and the individual city commissions;
  • To consider, study, and recommend ideas or plans to enhance the purpose and function of each individual city commission;
  • To facilitate communications between each individual city commission in order to effectively and efficiently advance each commission's interest and to promote the best interests of the public.


Council of Commissions By Laws

City of Warren Council of Commissions Ordinance No. 80-487

Current Members: 

Rebecca Anderson, Warren Historical Commission
Laura Bailey, Commission on Disabilities
Jack Becher, Building Authority
Jeff Cutter, Cultural Commission - Chair & Secretary
James Kolar, Board or Review
Cathy Lawson, Senior Health Care Commission
Merle Loch, Compensation Commission
Genie Palmer, Beautification Commission
Richard Palmer, Library Commission
Christopher Popp, Construction Board of Appeals
Tabitha Riley, Animal Welfare Commission
Roger Roy, Crime Commission - Vice Chair
Nathan Vinson, Planning Commission
Ken Voss, Parks & Recreation Commission
Jeremy Wallace, ZBA 

City of Warren Council of Commissions Organizational Committee:

Beautification Commission
Irene Moore
Emily Olivero
Carol Tappert

Crime Commission
William Day

Cultural Commission
Jeanne Busse
Jeff Cutter

Library Commission
Tedd Keffer

Senior Health Care Commission
Bill Moore

Parks & Recreation Commission
Ken Voss

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