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Videos of weekly news, sports and event information on demand from the City of Warren, Michigan's third largest city.

There are many ways to gather information or see events and meetings in Warren . Some of the highlighted services are through the quarterly magazine Newsbeat and the Annual City Calendar. This past year, new brochures have been designed to help explain city services which also coincide with video public service announcements. With the addition of a flyer in the monthly water bill, every resident has reinforced messages. The Community News and events may also be seen and heard on TV Warren News, with special broadcasts on Radio WPZC 1690 AM, and Web site departmental news complimenting the intended thorough approach.

Our television channels are Comcast channels 5 & 12; WOW channels 10 & 18; and AT&T channel 99.

If you have cable concerns, please avail yourselves of the following contact numbers: Comcast (877) 266-2278; WideOpenWest (WOW) (866) 496-9669 and AT&T (800) 288-2020.

You will note new episodes in our spring/summer season of television programs, like “WarrenBiz," Fouts Forum," "Healthy Living," "Going Green," "Case Closed," "Medical Journal," People, Parks and Programs," "The Spotlight," "Point of Law" and "Your City at Work." Also keep an eye out for "Dollars and Cents" on TV Warren News.

All the communication information is a partnership. A perfect example is through the resulting Film Warren, which is an initiative of the DDA (Downtown Development Authority), intended to encourage film industry investment and motion picture activity. The Warren Historical Society hosted the first film in Warren entitled “Leonie,” released in 2010. Holy Trinity Productions LLC is the film company. Bunert Schoolhouse was chosen because of its’ late 1800’s French Architecture. We have since hosted more than 15 film and photoshoots throughout Warren. Check out

How are we involved in this? Our Communications Department is also the Film Coordination Team. We also partner with each of the city departments to bring you the services like television, print and web.

Speaking of team, would you enjoy being in the audience of a television studio show? Watch for the notices on our Web site or community calendars for opportunities to have fun and learn at the same time.

We welcome you to join us behind the scenes and also on the front lines. We publish the quarterly magazine, Newsbeat, which brings you schedules of happenings throughout the city. We also publish the annual calendar and report for the City of Warren.

In all that we do, you, our neighbors, are the focus. Thank you for being a part of our team. You are TV Warren.


City of Warren, Michigan

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