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Police Department

greenJere Green
Police Commissioner
29900 Civic Center Blvd.
Warren, MI. 48093
(Near Van Dyke / 12 Mile Rd)
Phone: (586) 574-4700
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Police Department Phone Numbers
  • Police Department (non-emergency) (586) 574-4700
  • Office of the Commissioner (586) 574-4800
  • Criminal Investigations (586) 574-4810
  • Family Investigations (586) 574-4762
  • Special Investigation (Drug Unit)(586) 574-4837
  • Records Dept. (586) 574-4760
  • Animal Control (586) 574-4806
  • Traffic/Accident Investigation (586) 574-4870
  • Detention/Prisoner Information (586) 574-4844


Police Memorial 2014

NEW NeighborNet

Internet users now can receive important information from the Warren Police Department instantaneously. Called “NeighborNet,”the new service allows the Warren Police to notify users on amber alerts, major traffic accidents and road closings. This program is specifically designed for Neighborhood Watch Programs, homeowners associations,and any other group or club that wishes to stay informed about the community. NeighborNet Watch programs have a higher success rate due to the fact that it provides a free homepagethat is secure-from the neighborhood down to the individual user. Neighborhood Watch block captains can have instant communication with the police department and their block concerning non-emergency information.Click on the below graphic to sign up!


Traffic Accident Reports Online
Accident reports are now available online at,, or



It's auction time!
The City of Warren Police Department is always scheduling auctions for unclaimed, abandoned or forfeited vehicles. Dates and locations to be announced. For more information contact Officer Krzesak at 574-4872.



anti-prostitution100Stop Prostitution in Warren
In an effort to stop prostitution, the City of Warren will now be publishing the names and photographs of those who are convicted of prostitution or attempting to acquire the services of aprostitute. A new page is being constructed for 2011.


warrenpolice-tn100Warren Special Response Team

Be a Home Town Hero
Help out your community by providing information that will help solve a crime by calling the Warren Police or you may contact Crime stoppers. The mission of Crime Stoppers is to empower people to make their neighborhoods safer. This is done by publicizing crimes that need solving and broadcasting information about dangerous fugitives, so that citizens can provide information anonymously and receive a reward up to $1000, if there's an arrest based on their information. In 2007, more than 2900 tips were received from all areas of Michigan and over $55,000 were paid in rewards leading to arrests and closed cases.

pet100Animal Control (586) 574-4806
Note: Animals recovered by the city of Warren are relocated to an animal shelter in Mount Clemens. If you're looking for a lost pet you feel may have been collected by Animal Control, contact Animal Control immediately at 586-574-4806.

The Explorer program is run by volunteers from the Warren Police Department. The program is for young adults 14-20 years old to learn about a career in law enforcement. The program offers hands on activities so participants can decide if law enforcement is the type of career they wish to pursue.
Click here to find out more about the Warren Police Explorers Program.



Community Help
Would you like to assist the Warren Police Department during a time of emergency? Then, consider applying for the Citizen Emergency Response Team. For more information call the Warren Police Department at 586-574-4700.





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