City of Warren, MI

Water and Sewer System


Contact Information

Thomas Pawelkowski

One City Square
Suite 420,
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 759-9200

Customer Service(586) 759-9200
After Hour Emergencies: (586) 759-9200
MISS DIG: (800) 482-7171 (call three working days prior to dig)

Maintenance Facility
12821 Stephens
Warren, MI 48089

Customer Service/Water Accounting
One City Square, Suite 420
Warren, MI 48093

If you see illegal dumping into a street storm drain, a ditch or a creek
Call Public Works Commissioner Anothony V. Marrocco's HOTLINE
at 1-877-679-4337 and report the activity.

Be Alert to Water Service Line Coverage: Some companies are offering water sewer line insurance coverage to Warren residents by mail. Be advised that the City has nothing to do with these solicitations and strongly urges it's citizens to carefully investigate the companies, services provided and costs thereof to determine if it is in their best interest to purchase such coverage. The city has no recommendation on this matter.

WARNING: Tampering with City of Warren Water and Sewer System Property

Notice: Peak Rate Summer Water Usage Affects Your Water Rates

Notice of Rate Change- Effective on the August 2014 Water Bills (July 2014- December 2014 water usage)

Click here to view videos to help you understand your water bill.

Water Meter PSA

Easy Pay Option
Looking for an easy way to pay your water bill. Use your checking account number to pay either through the City's website or by calling toll free 1 (877) 264-5744. Total transaction time is less than five minutes! The cost per transaction is 36 cents and will be added to your payment amount. Both your checking account and water account will be updated within 2 to 3 business days. Transactions are fully encrypted and highly secure. Payments made via the City's website have the security of Comerica Bank. Payments made over the telephone are automated so there is no exchanging of information with a person. With this new payment option, there is no worrying that your water payment will "get lost in the mail!" To pay your water bill from the City's website, ClICK HERE.

City of Warren, Michigan

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