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Senior Fraud Prevention

badgeWhen the weather gets warmer, con artists attempt to swindle unsuspecting seniors out of their savings.
Here is some helpful information to help keep you safe and your money in your pocket!
Be wary of anyone that approaches your home and says: “I was just in the neighborhood,” and then he/she...

• wants to sell you a security system because of burglaries.

• wants to inspect your water, plumbing or furnace.

• tells you that a portion of your home or property
is unsafe and needs immediate repair.

• tells you that you are receiving a refund from the water department or other utility.

• represents themselves as a representative of ANY utility company or city department.

This kind of sales approach is standard practice for scam artists, who prey particularly on older persons.

Tips to follow:

NEVER let anyone in your house.

• Always ask for photo identification. Any legitimate person will not be offended and will freely display it.

• Never go out of your house with them so they can show you what needs to be fixed.

• While you are outside with one, another con artist is inside cleaning you out.

• Don’t feel pressured into signing any work order or contract quickly. A genuine good deal will still be there tomorrow. If you believe that you may have become a victim, notify the police immediately and file a report. If you are suspicious of a person who is at your house, call 911 immediately. For more information, call Warren police at (586) 574-4700.

City of Warren, Michigan

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